Strategic Corporate Communications

Strategic Corporate Communications

Anyone can tell a story. We tell the right one.

  • Research-based, informed decision making.
  • Strategic, thoughtful, and integrated approach.
  • Boots on the ground, a part of your team. 
  • Impactful content and visual tools that send the right message through the right channels.
CEO & Leadership Positioning

CEO & Leadership Positioning

Your brand vision deserves an influential voice. Let’s get to work.

  • Thought leadership platforms that raise profiles and contribute to corporate reputation.
  • Business-leadership strategies that guarantee a seat at the table.
  • Authentic, relevant, credible engagement plans that reach the right audiences.

Organizational Change, Culture & Engagement

Organizational Change, Culture & Engagement

Change, diversity, and inclusion. We bridge the gap.

  • Transforming change into your competitive edge.
  • Reinforcing culture that drives engagement and helps deliver business objectives.
  • Building strength through untapped value.
  • Cultivating a brand voice that drives results.
Labor & Workforce Communications

Labor & Workforce Communications

We lead the path to engagement.

  • Crafting and refining messages that attract talent, increase engagement, and drive momentum.
  • Unifying teams to strengthen businesses and organizations.
  • Connecting and engaging every voice to reach every vote through every aspect of corporate campaigns, organizing drives, and labor communications.
Reputation/Crisis Management

Reputation/Crisis Management

Consider it handled.

  • Building, reinforcing, and restoring resiliency.
  • Executing solutions that both address daily issues and solve long-term, complex problems.
  • Making the connections that identify and mitigate your vulnerabilities.
  • Driving the story that needs to be told.


“In what has been one of UTC’s most enduring consultant relationships, the most senior levels of our Company have relied on Cynthia’s expertise and counsel for more than a decade. She is the rare combination of someone who not only offers sound advice, but also rolls up her sleeves and does the work. In my view, she is one of the most experienced and effective labor communications and issues management specialists practicing today.”

J. THOMAS BOWLER, JR. Former Senior Vice President, Human Resources and OrganizationUnited Technologies Corporation


Cynthia Hudson


  • A leader in the communications and issues management arena for more than 25 years, Cynthia is widely recognized as an expert in managing corporate campaigns and developing effective labor relations, stakeholder engagement, and governance issues.
  • Cynthia’s extensive experience in the field includes several high-profile corporate crises, restructuring, and reputation management campaigns encompassing critical domestic and international legislative, financial, and regulatory issues.
  • Served as the chair for largest public affairs practice in the industry where she managed an approximately $100 million enterprise with more than 250 employees in twenty offices worldwide and served as a senior counselor to Fortune 100 companies and foreign governments.
  • Both an established leader in the communications industry and a well-respected communications expert for her political work in two presidential campaigns and as a senior communications advisor to a Member of Congress, Cynthia serves as a frequent speaker at industry events, as well as instructs tailored employee engagement, corporate campaign management, and management communications training.
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