Toyota: Engaging Employees to Transform to a More Innovative Culture


Toyota Motor North America and Toyota Financial Services announced they would unite their various headquarter functions located in California, Kentucky and New York into a new, single state-of-the-art campus in Plano, Texas. Toyota engaged HudsonLake to not only help manage the relocation but also lead a change, culture and employee engagement campaign for their transformative journey to bring together sales and marketing, manufacturing, R&D and financial services functions to create a unified “One Toyota” mindset. The goal: to reignite a more responsive, collaborative and innovative culture that inspires team members to start their impossible and work differently, with no business disruptions along the way.


By every measure, this massive effort to relocate and unify its functions’ headquarters while at the same time reorganizing its business was a success — with industry-leading team member acceptance rates, higher engagement scores, successful talent acquisition strategies and, most importantly, zero disruption to the business.


  • Reputation Management
  • Organizational Change & Transformation
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Workplace Culture
  • Workforce Engagement
  • Strategic Corporate Communications
  • Content Creation & Production
  • Social Media & Digital Strategies
  • Talent Acquisition Strategy
  • Corporate Social Responsibility