Ravn: Taking Safety and Operational Excellence to the Next Level


In 2017, Alaska’s largest regional airline, Ravn Air Group (Ravn), was a company in transition. Made up of three separate airlines – Corvus Airlines (Ravn Alaska), Hageland Aviation (Ravn Connect) and Frontier Services – the recently rebranded company was facing safety issues and very different workplace cultures across the three airlines. Under the leadership of a new President & CEO, Ravn called upon HudsonLake to engage employees and lead a transformational venture to become Alaskans’ airline of choice for unsurpassed safety, operational excellence, customer service and employee satisfaction.


HudsonLake effectively created Get, Safe, Go – a comprehensive internal safety campaign designed to cultivate a stronger culture of safety and improve employee engagement. From conception to launch, HudsonLake managed the communications, presentations and marketing collateral of the safety campaign across the state and helped establish the new CEO’s relationship with employees. This included the production of an internal safety video highlighting Ravn’s proud past and vision for the future, with the call to action and expectation that safety is everyone’s top priority. All 1,000+ employees watched and endorsed the message in the video, and it is now a mandatory component of onboarding for any employee.

In addition to the ongoing Get, Safe, Go safety campaign, HudsonLake was responsible for internal and external communications and engagement around other key company initiatives including:

  • The structural reorganization and implementation of a new executive team
  • Pilot and mechanic recruitment
  • Issue and crisis management
  • The acquisition of PenAir
  • Helping to elevate the company’s overall brand awareness and reputation across the state and country
  • University of Alaska’s launch of the nation’s first paid pilot training program and Ravn’s new codeshare agreement with Alaska Airlines


  • Employee Engagement
  • External Communications
  • Stakeholder Communications
  • Issue Management
  • Strategic Corporate Communications
  • M&A Transaction Communications
  • Brand Management
  • Storytelling
  • Workplace Culture
  • Content Creation & Production