HudsonLake Commissions New Insights: 2019 Employee Engagement & Company Transformation Study

In its most recently commissioned study, HudsonLake reveals a growing revelation among corporate organizations regarding their engagement levels during periods of change. The Employee Engagement & Company Transformation Study* surveyed professional-level employees across the country to gather the latest insights on key engagement drivers during times of transformation and change:

  • Workplace engagement drivers and employee motivators are evolving
  • Company culture, personal empowerment and development, and feeling part of a team have become primary drivers, replacing more traditional motivators such as a company’s mission and vision.
  • New data indicates transformation causes a shift in engagement perspective
  • When undergoing change and transformation, there is a definitive shift from “culture-centric” drivers (e.g. “I understand my role helps my company succeed”) to “me-centric” drivers (e.g. “I feel valued”).
  • Strategic personalized and segmented communication are effective engagement drivers
  • Communicating change to employees, its rationale, and what it means in the long-term or short-term can no longer be a one-message-fits-all approach. Data shows a clear distinction between what motivates millennials versus longer-tenured employees, and addressing those differences is key.
  • Connecting and engaging with those who are most resistant to change — the frozen middle — is essential to achieving success during transformations
  • The top driving motivator to embracing change is “my boss understands and values me and communicates with me at a personal level.” Making that connection can drive engagement and adoption, creating a more successful transition.

HudsonLake was honored to present these findings at Evanta’s 2019 Global CHRO Executive Summit – an invitation-only forum for enterprise heads of HR from the world’s largest multinational organizations where Kim Cerda, HudsonLake’s head of Organizational Change, Culture and Engagement, co-moderated a discussion, “How Your Global People Strategies Power Company Transformation.”

The world is changing, the competition is growing and the need to attract and retain top talent is key to organizations thriving in this new era. Are your people prepared to power your company’s transformation?

We invite you to find out how these insights might benefit your organization. Please contact HudsonLake to learn more about the research findings and have a conversation about proven strategies.

* Study conducted by Axis Research, Inc., a HudsonLake research partner, in August 2019. For more information on survey methodology, please click here.