Jim Barillo

  • Integrated communications program execution expert, including employee engagement, executive thought leadership, public relations, and change and reputation management.
  • Strategic messaging leader for large organizations based in healthcare, consumer, retail, financial services, as well as other segments.
  • A former journalist with broad content development and creation expertise.

Alexis Brennan

  • Communications professional with international experience in broadcast journalism, media relations and brand marketing.
  • Specialist in digital strategy, including strategic planning, implementation, audience engagement and social media analysis.
  • Provides research, digital and creative collateral support for our team and clients.

Quinton Crenshaw

  • A strong leader with expertise in multiple facets of internal and external strategic communications, including employment branding, culture, executive communications, and crisis and reputation management in the retail, consumer goods, and hospitality industries.
  • A former vice president of strategic communications and external affairs, orchestrating communications strategy for brand re-positioning, including re-imaging, re-franchising, organizational redesign, and merger and acquisition activities.
  • Trusted CEO and executive communications counsel and reputation expert.

Garrett Engeset

  • Passionate about issues management, cultivating engagement, and effective workplace communications.
  • Broad experience developing and executing multi-faceted campaigns for digital communications, social media strategies, brand development, and public relations.
  • Served as a panelist at the Pharmacy Development Services annual meeting as a healthcare and pharmacy industry marketing expert, sharing innovative strategy development practices.

Jared Engeset

  • Issues and crisis management, workplace communications, and corporate campaign expert.
  • Develops social media strategies, integration of new technologies and various grassroots programs for a wide range of clients, including healthcare, aviation, political affairs, and more.
  • Lends his digital expertise to assist clients in developing online solutions through websites and various online tools.

Greg Galdabini

  • A veteran communications leader with experience in financial regulation, international trade, health care policy, labor, tax, and economic issue messaging.
  • High-level strategic communications expert in message development and content creation.
  • A former senior director of Editorial Communications at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, helped to shape and disseminate the organization’s pro-business and pro-free enterprise advocacy messaging.

Julie Goldberg

  • An authority in communications, political consulting, corporate marketing, and business operations.
  • Extensive political communications experience includes legislative stints on Capitol Hill in the Senate Majority Leader’s office and a role as an Assistant White House Press Secretary for President Clinton, developing and implementing regional media outreach for presidential initiatives.
  • A former chief operating officer of a 200+ employee public relations firm based in New York City, providing leadership and direction for the firm’s management team, as well as driving business development resulting in increased value and an environment of high performance.

Alyson Gomez

  • A creative communications strategist with 19 years of experience.
  • Expertise in integrated communications, including employee engagement and outreach, internal branding, leadership communications, crisis communications, corporate social responsibility, earned and social media, B2B customer communications and brand advocacy.
  • A results-driven thinker with the ability to impact change, build trust, manage relationships and drive business strategy accordingly.

Olivia M. Gonzalez

  • Discovers and cultivates your brand voice into impactful brand messaging designed to drive momentum behind strategic communication programs across all segments of both internal and external communications, domestically and abroad.
  • Brand-specific culture, employee and guest engagement program development, training, and implementation expertise.
  • Multi-channel media management, production and development, including web creative development, video and audio productions, digital marketing, social media strategy, and corporate blogging support.

Kristin Kelly

  • Global strategic communications expert, including consumer public relations, media relations, reputation management, public affairs, event management, and digital marketing.
  • Formerly the vice president for Mark Cuban and Todd Wagner’s media company and director of communications for Susan G. Komen for the Cure nonprofit, develops powerful narratives and stakeholder engagement programs that deliver bottom-line results.
  • A recipient of national awards from the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) and the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC).

Sue Garman Kranias

  • A seasoned communications professional with more than 20 years of experience in public relations, public affairs, and issue management.
  • Experience developing and leading communications campaigns for large corporations, non-profits, associations and coalitions and currently leads two advocacy coalitions focused on increasing federal funding for scientific and medical research.
  • Crisis management leadership with a wide range of experience, providing issue management counsel to senior executives in multiple industries, including aviation, healthcare, oil, chemical, and consumer products industries.

Liz Lake

  • Extensive experience executing integrated strategic communications and marketing programs in the healthcare, consumer, and lifestyle brand space.
  • Executive thought leadership, internal, and external communications expertise.
  • Leader in consumer engagement and digital marketing strategies, as well as product innovation strategy.

Amy Malo

  • Research, strategic communications, organizational and project management support expert.
  • Partners frequently with clients and website development vendors on behalf of clients.
  • Experienced in orchestrating communication and marketing plans with a structured approach and attention to detail.

Lee Metsala

  • Executive Administrative Assistant to Cynthia Hudson, as well as strategic counselor and administrative support for clients.
  • Specialist in media relations and brand messaging, with experience in the production of national and market-specific media tours.
  • Public relations and presidential campaign experience as press advance and communications, including national media event management, briefing document, op-eds, and media release writing.

Laura Moore

  • Extensive experience in global strategic communications, including corporate communications, issues and crisis management, media relations, and employee communications.
  • A skilled expert in building and re-positioning organizational reputation, including change management and culture initiatives, merger integration, corporate turnaround, and business restructuring and relocation.
  • A former chief communications officer for some of the world’s most recognized brands and former president of a Dallas-based consulting group focused on consumer public relations, issues management and social media strategy for specialty retailing, real estate, and technology industries.

Fulvio Padova

  • Over 20 years of experience managing public relations and communications firms, including key infrastructure such as finance, human resources, and information technology support.
  • Leads with a drive to maximize efficiencies and increase flexibility.
  • Holds a B.S.A. from the University of Maryland’s school of Human Resources and Personnel Management with a minor in labor relations.

Sarah Phillips

  • More than 15 years of experience in management, development and hands-on creation of print, digital, presentation and video deliverables in alignment with strategic corporate communication campaigns
  • Trusted advisor to CEO and c-suite level executives with a proven track record of providing creative communication recommendations and strategic counsel
  • A visual communications storyteller with a passion for conveying information through a variety of innovative channels and technology